A webring for all kinds of floofy friends

Welcome to the Furball Spectrum!!

What the fuck is a "webring"??

To put it simply, a Webring is basically a collection of sites that are usually linked together and form a ring, mainly around a specific theme or niche.

These were pretty popular in the 90's and early 00's, but nowadays, webrings like this are mostly for people who enjoy exploring sites in the Indie/Personal/Outer Web... Basically anything that isn't in the Core Web.

So what this webring about?

In short, this is a webring for people that are of the following:

  • A part of the Autism Spectrum.

  • A furry: whether as an enjoyer of furry content or a fursuiter. As long as you're not a zoophile, you're golden.

  • People who just enjoy media with anthropomorphic animals.

  • Any combination of the three above.