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Personal Favorites!

Repth's themes

All of their themes are great and some of them are even responsive!

This is a 100% free filehosting service! I mostly use this to place any random files and music that my site can allow (I'm not a supporter atm so this is my best option for now.)


A temporary file uploading service made by the people who made Catbox!


Relive the glory days of classic Microsoft Paint before corporate greed ruined it for everyone!

Old Twitter Extension

Give that dumbass Elon Musk the middle finger and use the power of extensions to restore Twitter's 2015/2018 layout with this nifty extension by the one and only Dimden!

Show off ur current status to people. There's even a neat widget you can add to ur site!

INDIE WEB STUFF + Resources!

Intro to the Web Revival

This is a go-to guide for those who are interested in learning more about both the Web Revival and the Indie Web in general.


Dunno how to use HTML5, JS or CSS? This handy site has helped me out quite a bit when I was still developing the site in the Neocities editor. It should teach ya everything you need about how to learn.

Stack Overflow

If you happen to have any kind of question regarding coding (even if it isn't for web design), this is a very good place to look for answers! Plus, there's no need to sign up, you can see many posts for free!

The Yesterweb

Easily a neat read to checkout. This site's goals are to transform the web to something that's more for everyone and isn't run by big tech corps or Silicon Valley tech bros trying to make a quick buck. A free web for everyone, no NFTs, AI, billionaire bs!

The 32-Bit café!

A fun lil' community that seeks to make the personal web bountiful! They also have a catgirl as a mascot. :3

Emulation Station

Vimm's Lair

A collection of retro/old-school games + a few from more recent times.

r/ROMs Megathread

Another collection of video games preserved thanks to the efforts of the r/roms subreddit! ...Minus current consoles, of course.

More links coming soon!!


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